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About Me

My name is Tjelvar and I am a Swede enjoying life in Norwich. I help people use computers to do better science.

Tjelvar Olsson.

I work as a scientific computing lab manager at the John Innes Centre. It’s a great place to work as I get to participate in cutting edge science and play with the latest technology. My role involves providing services and training in areas such as image analysis, bioinformatics and programming.

I did my undergraduate and PhD in biochemistry at University College London, where I spent most of my spare time practising Shorinji Kempo (a Japanese martial art).

After finishing my PhD I got a job as an applications scientist at the Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre where I learnt lots about molecular modelling and software development. However, after six years Cambridge was no longer the city for me so I moved on to Norwich.

I am interested in how science and technology impact individuals and society at large. In particular how we can use computers and software to do better research and make life easier for ourselves.

I hope you find this blog useful.


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